6 December 2021
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The NOW Mindfulness Watch Review

Mindfulness is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect of our mental wellness, and I am not left out in adopting and using new technologies to enable me to remain mindful. I use my new NOW Mindfulness Watch throughout the day while carrying on with various activities and responsibilities.

I recently bought my NOW Mindfulness Watch, which is worn just like a regular watch but only indicates the word NOW on its screen. Whenever I glance at my NOW Mindfulness Watch, it reminds me of the most important things I ought to do, and this has helped me improve my productivity and effectiveness.

This mindfulness watch is suited for any occasion, and I wear it basically at every event I attend. I like the fact that I was able to get a range of colors to select from when I bought it, and its leather straps and slim design is fantastic for me.

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Consistent Practice

Whenever my Mindfulness Watch beeps, it offers me the opportunity to pause whatever I was doing and take some time to meditate about the various tasks I need to accomplish. Sometimes I imagine if it were not there, could I remember all the activities of the day? After starting to use my Mindfulness Watch, I have the habit of consistently practicing and doing my day to day tasks efficiently and smoothly.


They are slim and comfortable to wear.
They are designed to be water-resistant.
It reminds me of the most important things for me to do, which otherwise I could forget.
It looks similar to a watch and therefore appears stylish for me.

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May distract me when I do not it.