25 October 2021

A Comparison Between Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts

Dart is the most important component of the game of darts. It comes in various forms, which include the steel tip darts and soft tip darts. The type of darts to buy should be determined depending on the dartboard. For instance, steel darts are suitable for the bristle dartboards, whereas soft tip darts are compatible with a sensational electronic dartboard. 

About Steel Tip Darts:

Steel tip darts come with both fixed and movable points. Darts with steel tips are basically the traditional form of darts, which are used mostly in professional environments. The biggest advantage of this type of dart is the low chance to bounce out. The steel tip of these darts is sharp and strong, which penetrates the dartboards easily. It allows playing the game in a better way.   

Besides these advantages, steel tip darts have a few disadvantages as well. If you cannot throw the dart properly, there are chances of damage in the wall. It is also not safe to play the game with this type of darts if you have kids at home. The reason is, the sharp tips may harm them. 

Features of Soft Tip Darts:

The tips of these darts are made of plastic material or nylon. These darts often include a magnet. Soft tip darts are the ideal combination with electronic dartboards. When you play at home, such as darts and dartboards are the most suitable options. Basically, it is the modern version of darts that provides the traditional feel. The bounce-out probability is low also. 


The choice of darts depends on the place where you are playing. Steel dart is ideal for professional places like tournaments, whereas soft tip darts are suitable for the home. Steel tip darts gives pleasure to the professional players and let them practice for becoming a professional. It will allow you to prepare yourself for big tournaments. 

You should consider the comparison before buying darts. It will give you a clear idea and help you pick the right kind of darts and enjoy your game.